Okay here’s another company on our radar. What many people don’t know about this company is that it was actually started by Rand Fishkin…and his mother!

Yup, that’s right. This SEO blog/resource site has long-been an established name in the internet marketing world. To think that it started out with humble roots is definitely amazing.

It used to be called SEOmoz, but since then has now shortened its name to be more of a “brand.” I also think that they are trying to stay away from over-optimizing their site title. :) To find out more about the company or their many resources, be sure to visit and see what all of the fuss is about.

What Does Moz Do?


Well, to be quite honest with you here, they do a TON! They serve mainly as a blog where a lot of search engine optimization enthusiasts gather around every Friday for what’s known as “Whiteboard Friday.”

During these video blog posts, Rand gets in front of the camera (with a great mustache these days) and tells people how to increase their overall website experience to decrease bounce rate and get more conversions.

While that might not seem like important information to you, many SEO professionals look at what Rand says and take massive action immediately. I’ve actually learned a lot from these video blogs and if you ever are interested in learning more about optimization of your websites, I highly recommend it.

Besides the blog posts, Moz has a lot of tools that internet marketing professionals rely on. Open site explorer proves to be one of the top resources in the industry right now and there’s good reason for it.

It lets people look at the authority of a domain in its entirety and single pages’ authority within that domain. That’s actually pretty cool for webmasters.

How would you like to see if your optimization efforts are increasing your website authority? Well, all you have to do is install their plugin and you’ll be able to monitor that very thing.

They also have Moz Local where a person can make sure that all of the citations on various local listings are accurate. Apparently, this is extremely important if you are into local marketing. Also, if you have a local business that needs a listing on the maps in the search engines, this is the tool to get. It’s relatively affordable as well!

Basically, if you want to know anything about marketing online, go to Moz. A lot of people have already and many more people will in the future. They continually push out great information and don’t promote any “blackhat” methods that Google doesn’t like.

Here’s a great video on general homepage development.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Review

Now here’s another marketing who put forth a ton of effort in helping us get our motorcycle forum off of the ground. These guys in Atlanta put together a fundraising event like no other for our Bikers for Babies rally. There was a huge turn out. If you need marketing done in Atlanta, be sure to check out Veritas Inc marketing services. They got together a ton of people for our event and that alone helped us raise over $10k for this charity.

What Does Veritas Inc in Atlanta Do?

veritas-inc-careersWell, just like Strategic Campaigns Inc in Kansas City, these guys are focused on face-to-face business development. They have a totally different client than the other company, but their purpose is the same. I think Strategic actually was an off-shoot of this company at some point.

Veritas Inc started in Denver, Colorado over ten years ago and their client at the time was After a successful pilot program, the president of the company decided to make the move to a bigger city. Actually, one of the biggest cities in the United States. There are a few reasons for this.

More people means that you have more potential customers. Furthermore, more people in a metropolitan area means that you can expand your workforce quicker. The more people looking for jobs, the pickier you can be when hiring.

So far, the move has turned out to be quite profitable. Since their original move to Atlanta, the company has also extended its reach into over seventy different locations.

All of these locations are focused on the same thing. They’ve been trained by the best to be the best. From Seattle to Miami, this company is attacking its clients’ goals with a vigor that most companies dream about.

If you want to find out more about Veritas Incorporated, be sure to read some of these Veritas Inc reviews and see what people are saying. Employee testimonials usually aren’t wrong.

Plans for the Future

The staff is pretty excited to be nominated as one of the best places to work in Atlanta, but they are even more excited to be able to expand their reach even further.

Veritas Inc management is focused on being able to offer opportunity for generations, not just the immediate future.

They are looking to expand into retail staffing and local utilities as well. Some states are deregulated. This means that a person gets to pick who they get their gas and electric from. Although that may not seem like that big of a deal, its huge. There are so many companies looking to pounce on customers as soon as the state becomes deregulated that they are willing to spend millions of dollars to acquire these customers.

What does this mean for this Atlanta-based corporation? You got it. Opportunity. Where most people see a lot of work ahead, this company sees dollar signs. Not in a bad way though, they just know that people get rewarded for adding value. That’s exactly what this company is doing.

According to basic economics, you will be paid in direct proportion to the value you provide in the marketplace. Since most people think that selling to customers face-to-face is very difficult, I’m sure you can see the value here.

Strategic Campaigns Inc Review

You have landed on the best review site on the internet. In this website, we will be rating several different marketing companies who have helped come to fruition. Only by the conjoined efforts of several different entities could we make our dream become a reality. We will soon be adding more content to our motorcycle forums, but for now, we would like to give a warm thanks to Strategic Campaigns Inc in Kansas City, Missouri and Veritas Inc in Atlanta, Georgia.

What this company did for us was pretty simple. We needed a eye-catching logo, and they created one that suits our needs perfectly.

Check this one out ↓

strategic-campaigns-inc If you are looking for more logo design work like this, I highly recommend watching these Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews in Kansas City on YouTube and see what they have to offer.  They do a great job and we were able to make any alterations that we needed to this marketing product. Logos are pretty easy to make, but you’ll definitely want to hire this company for yours if they have time. I can’t go on too much about them here. I love what they’ve done for us.

So what exactly does this company do?

Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City

Well, they don’t normally do logo design or anything like that. They did on this occasion, but that was just a one-off I believe. They are actually experts in in-person sales and marketing. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll break it down for you a little bit.

Let’s say that a big company has exhausted all of their marketing channels that they can. They send out emails to lists, they call on current customers and cold-call new ones. They go through every nook and cranny to find new customers. When they first started doing this, business boomed. Now, there’s a diminishing return.

What do they do? Do they continue to put a ton of money into emails and telesales? Do they outsource?

You got it. They outsource.

They don’t outsource overseas of course. They outsource to sales companies right here in the United States. Most companies don’t want to spend the money to hire and train a face-to-face sales force right off the bat, so they look for other companies to do it for them.

Strategic Campaigns Inc in Kansas City is known for their specialization in the B2B sales and marketing field. You can read more about Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City on their Twitter profile @StrategicKansas. They have a ton of credibility and they always reach their target.

Sure, they do some logo design from time to time, but I think that’s just a special project they take on when they have some down time. Most of the time, they are out there talking with business owners on behalf of other companies.

Outsourcing works. look it up. :)